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100% African, 100% Energy, and 100% Family Fun

A cultural experience like no other, Cirque Mother Africa is a vibrant and highly entertaining blockbuster production which treats global audiences to the incredible vibrancy, positivity and cultural excellence of the African continent through mesmerising stage performances and artistic talent.

Cirque Mother Africa features the world-renowned African troupe, consisting of 26 performing artists from  6 African countries, including acrobats, dancers, percussionists, musicians, and contortionists. Our troupe treats you to a 90-minute awe-inspiring show, characterised by colourful traditional African attire, high-energy,  acrobatic acts, and humorous comedy , to the backdrop of an authentic original  soundtrack for  each act.

Don’t miss out on the critically-acclaimed Cirque Mother Africa – a superb show suitable for all ages, races, genders and backgrounds. Experience the authentic cultural heartbeat of the African continent, live at a theatre near you from March 2023 Book your Seats Today

“This jubilant 90-minute spectacle delivers one thrill after another.”

Time Out Magazine, New York

"Physically compelling"

Sunday Courier Mail

"It's Cirque Du Soleil with an abundant African flavour"

Australian Stage

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